Fairer Days

by Caryn Jamieson

Born in Southeast Alaska to minister parents, Caryn's musical influence can be attributed as much to her upbringing in the church, as well as to the raw talent that runs through her blood. 

Caryn gigs around the Pacific Northwest at concert venues, festivals, charity events, and even the occasional home show. She spends her days writing music from the heart that both inspires and encourages.

The songs on the Fairer Days album were written during a time of darkness and deep struggle in Caryn’s life, and manifested from the hope of holding on through the storm to better times. It is in this vein that this album may serve as a tool to bring aid and comfort to others in need. 

Every purchase of this album directly converts into feeding a hungry child for an entire day through the Ameena Project. The Ameena Project is 100% volunteer-run, and is focused on enabling local leaders in developing countries to do what is helpful for their communities, and equipping them to achieve their vision for success. To learn more about the project, go to www.ameenaproject.org.