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Luxury of Failure

by NLX

NLX returns to her roots with the release of her highly anticipated full-length offering, Luxury Of Failure.  With this album, NLX stays true to the sonic seeds she planted with her 2011 release Bitch Get Fit, featuring the standout track "Find Love", which was celebrated on ABC’s hit TV show 'Brothers & Sisters'.

Now the seeds have grown, matured, and the roots are deep. “Luxury of Failure is a record that was made at a time of much personal change, loss, and growth. Without sitting to think on things, I just dove in, and made music… These songs are the collected tinder of the heart… Once a spark was thrown to it, they became something more.” - NLX  

NLX hails from a proud legacy of B.S.-free Northern songwriting women.  Raised in the icy shadows of Canada’s steel city smoke stacks, she now calls New York City her home.  Both places are fertile ground for the music she creates… Epic, Strong, Tactile and Beautiful.  It is fists in the air, tears on the floor, don’t look back but close the door kind of music.