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Empty Through Empty Space

by Jeremy Wilson
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Jeremy Wilson has been playing in working bands since he was 14 years old, beginning in 1982 with The Watchmen. He was the singer for the influential band Dharma Bums (Frontier Records 1986 to 1993). And from 1994 to 1999, he fronted the rock band Pilot (Elektra/Mercury).

Empty Through Empty Space is his first full studio solo record. 

Jeremy and his two core band members - Dylan-Thomas Vance (lap slide guitar, backing vocals) and Matthew Rotchford (upright and electric bass, backing vocals) - deliver Empty Through Empty Space, a collection of twelve songs that find the three realizing a new sound that some might put in a category with Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Rodriguez and Harry Nilsson, while still honoring the energetic abandon associated with his past bands Dharma Bums and Pilot. It is also a concept record based on a 3,600-mile road trip Jeremy took, after heartbreak, from Florida back to Portland, Oregon, and reveals an internal journey on the path back home. 

Featuring guest appearances by Decemberists' (and former Dharma Bum) John Moen on drums, Jenny Conlee-Drizos on Hammond organ, Ezra Holbrook on drums and percussion, Luke Strahota on drums, recording engineer and producer Sean Flora also on guitar and backing vocals, Paul Brainard on trumpet, Matt Brown on euphonium, and several other friends who helped flesh out the album. Jeremy pulled out all the stops to help bring the record to fruition. The album even features all four Dharma Bums members - Jeremy Wilson (guitar, vocals), Jim Talstra (bass), John Moen (drums), and Eric Lovre (electric guitar) - on the track "I Can't Bury You."

Jeremy Wilson (an Oregon Music Hall of Fame 2011 inductee) founded the Jeremy Wilson Foundation in June of 2010.  The JWF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit musicians’ service organization, providing emergency financial assistance in times of medical crisis, and improving the overall well-being of individual musicians and their families.  Jeremy formed the JWF as a result of his personal experiences, after being diagnosed with a serious congenital heart condition called Wolf-Parkinson-White. He has learned his “education by fire,” about this need for adequate healthcare for our community of musicians. Due to the great outpouring of goodwill he experienced from those that have helped him through his own trial, Jeremy formed the JWF so that musicians and the members of the communities they serve, could have a way to work together to assist fellow musicians and their families. Jeremy also hopes that musicians will encourage one another to take their destinies into their own hands, by banding together to develop and support this community-based foundation. Jeremy has gathered a board of professionals, and has reached out to the community to help build this organization.  The JWF's ultimate goals are to create better access to many types of resources and information to help improve the state of musicians’ healthcare, and in turn the success of their careers and financial stability.