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by Burt Sienna & Valvoline

Introducd by Local DJ/Producer NorthernDraw, Burt Sienna and Valvoline met at a hiphop event in Portland, OR in 2015. 
Born and Raised in Houston, TX - rapper and design artist Shawn Callahan, aka Valvoline - has called the Pacific Northwest home for over a decade, melding the laid-back with the low-key. 
Producer Noah Boyer, aka Burt Sienna, adds his Bay Area-influenced musical sensibility and slippery synth with the haze and organic grime of Portland, to add the appropriate bedding for Valvoline's baritone flow. 
"We basically just chilled a bunch over the course of a year and were both in that creative zone that's hard to keep hold of, but we squeezed a solid album out of it, we feel.
  The majority of the album was recorded in my bedroom studio with ableton, an SP-404, a korg ms2000, and really crappy mics. We wanted to keep the mood as lo-fi as possible since the goal was to put out a cassette anyway..
" -Burt Sienna
The outcome is CAPERS, a 14-track album of raps and beats from the Portland-based duo.