Barter the Bard

by Xavier Cardriche

Xavier Cardriche is an American musician, singer and songwriter.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to a school teacher and truck-driver, he began exploring music through his family, friends, community, and the almighty radio.  Accompanying his father on lengthy road trips, Xavier was captivated by the different lifestyles, communities, and music.

As a young adult, he began playing acoustic guitar at social gatherings, and would often adapt short stories into songs. Xavier later distributed these songs as his first recording, Sorta-like-a-Demo in 2006. Receiving some local and international interest, he traveled to Europe and spent time playing showcases, writing, and recording with various artists.  Out of that time traveling came songs for his follow-up EP in 2011, In Due Time, as well as a cultivated stage presence with his band.

With an attentive regard for lyrics, Xavier often uses narrative detail to not only act as a footing for a song, but to fuel live performances.  Enhanced by musical accompaniment, his band is typically made up of local jazz musicians, bringing the configuration to five parts. 

Xavier has performed numerous shows abroad and has shared bills with such acts as Spin Doctors, Richard Julian, and Jack Lukeman. His pairing of Alt-Country and Folk  sound with visually detailed stories is done in the spirit of early folk artists such as Donovan, Richie Havens, and Bill Withers. However, one can hear the influences of such greats as Mark Knopfler, Colin Hay, Van Morrison, and Billy Bragg.

The influence of the live band is evident on Xavier’s newest record - Barter The Bard - just released on June 24th.  From the upbeat tempo of the lead-off track “Amsterdam” to the whiskey vocals of “Playground”, there is a real a sense of grit and glamour, and a union of musical and lyrical wealth.  At the heart of his new record, Xavier calls on the experiences of the traveler and their virtues. In loyalty to Folk, Latin, and Celtic music, a hybrid of sounds is fixed for each story with guest appearances from local musicians and vocalists.