RIFFSLINGER is a creative business development consulting agency. We engage in business startup and existing business expansion projects to help entrepreneurs modify their business model, identify sticking points, integrate successful management techniques, streamline operations, and ultimately grow revenues.

By working with artists, small businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, we focus on nurturing economic development and positively impacting communities.


* Business Strategy * Market Research

* Sales Development * Collaborative Partnerships

* Event Production * Nonprofit Fundraising

* Project Management * Streamlining Operations

* Contract Negotiations * Targeted Networking

* Content Creation * Brand Management

* Promotional Campaigns * Digital Marketing

RIFFSLINGER will customize our consulting services to meet the unique needs of any client we support. Consulting rates begin at $50/hour, with accommodations considered based on the scope of the services. Visit our VENTURES page to learn more about some of our business development projects, then CONTACT US to set up a 1-hour free consultation and find out how we can work together.


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